Christine Auclair is a writer, author and photographer who was raised in Connecticut, and currently resides in New York with her wife, Heidi. She credits her mother for inspiring her to write and to have a love of nature, and Heidi for encouraging her to follow her dreams and believe in her talents, as well as being a tremendous support along her journey. As she fondly remembers her mother, she recalls her being an advocate for writing from the time Christine was a first grader.

Christine is currently a contributing writer and photographer for Cooperstown Publishing in New York. She enjoys writing about nature and the great outdoors and also recently freelanced as a feature writer for an Adirondack travel magazine, covering nature-related topics as well as major Adirondack events. Additionally, Christine has a passion for teaching children about the educational and inspirational aspects of nature and plans community events to facilitate their connections to the natural world.

After writing her first book, You Can’t Find A Rainbow In The House!, Christine was invited to attend a book signing at an international convention in Chicago. Since then, she has participated in many book signings in New York and Connecticut and recently organized an Earth Day event at a children’s museum
where the Governor of Connecticut and Department of Environmental Protection collaborated along with her to teach children about nature and the environment. It was at this event that Christine learned that her book was the inspiration behind a Connecticut woman building a nature trail at her daycare center.

Christine belongs to The International Women’s Writing Guild, the Small Publishers, Artists and Writers Network, The Nature Conservancy, Sierra Club, National Wildlife Federation, Earthjustice and the National Parks Conservation Association. She has a degree in business with a focus on management, a necessary tool that helps her to utilize disciplinary and organizational skills to bring about the successful completion of her goals. Her sense of humor also helps to keep her grounded in such a diverse and challenging career. She is inspired by the outdoors and the raw beauty in nature; her vivid photography reflects the landscape as she sees it – she does not believe in falsely enhancing her images in any way.

Christine enjoys spending time with Heidi and their two spoiled cats, as well as friends and family. She also enjoys hiking, kayaking, nature, cooking, traveling, and baseball -- and is a diehard fan of the Boston Red Sox.

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